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Where Do We Buy Our Wedding Dresses?

We get asked "how do you choose the dresses? It must be so hard" all the time! Our response is always the same, "It is great fun!!"


In the wedding industry there is a big event called Bridal Week, why it is called that, I don't know, because its more like 3 days! And these are held twice a year. One in March and one in September. 


September's Bridal Week is held in Harrogate, and this year is its 40th birthday!! As we have been in business for over 20 years we have been to loads and it never gets boring. Each one is just as exciting to us as the one before.


Harrogate's Bridal Show started in 1983 and to this date it is still a world leading event. Capturing the hearts of industry professionals. The show continually mirrors the evolution in bridal trends while maintaining the essence of tradition.


Suppliers come from all over the world to showcase their new collections. Gowns are always evolving, showing brides personalities, reflecting individuality, all while seamlessly blending traditional, modern and bohemian styles.


Our main designer in the boutique, Maggie Sottero sends us a little snapshot runway before the big event. So we are dead excited to see some of the gowns in the flesh that we have already pegged as our favourites. Armed with this and knowledge gained from discussions with brides what they are wanting to see, we are ready to shop!


The gowns that we choose from our designers (see our designers on the website) will be available to view in the boutique from Spring 2024.


Time for us to go pack!!


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